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E-Safety Pupil/Parent Declaration

IT provides an exciting and challenging learning opportunity for the children that embraces the technology and methodology which is an important part of our world. All pupils use computer facilities, including Internet access, as a part of their learning and as required in the National Curriculum. The school takes every reasonable precaution to keep pupils safe and to prevent them from accessing inappropriate materials. These steps include:-

· a filtering service

· teaching e-safety skills

· vigilant oversight of all pupils’ computer files and internet access

· the requirement that all pupils and parents/carers observe e-safety rules

In order to consolidate the ongoing guidance provided at school, it is our expectation that parents and carers maintain an ongoing conversation about correct internet usage and the digital world to help build their understanding.


PUPIL DECLARATION.   As a pupil of Highfield South Farnham :-

  • I will  login to a school computer and access the Internet by means of my personal Username and Password only
  • I will ask permission before using the Internet
  • I will only use websites provided by a teacher or classroom assistant
  • I will tell an adult if I see anything that makes me uncomfortable, worried or unsure
  • I will only use e-mail within school time as directed by a member of staff as part of a lesson
  • I will not give out personal information to anyone else.

PARENT/CARER DECLARATION   As the parent/carer of a pupil at Highfield South Farnham:

  • I have discussed the above agreement with my child to ensure their understanding
  • I accept that ultimately the school cannot be held responsible for the nature and content of materials accessed through the Internet and mobile technologies, but I understand that the school will take every reasonable precaution to keep pupils safe and to prevent pupils from accessing inappropriate materials
  • I acknowledge that the school is not liable for any damages arising from my child’s use of  Internet facilities at home
  • I will support the school by promoting safe use of the Internet and digital technology at home and will inform the school if I have any concerns over my child’s E-safety
  • I will not distribute any photographic images of children on social media networks or using any other photographic format.