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Healthy Schools

We fully recognise the role that physical health and wellbeing has on children achieving their academic potential. Through the delivery of our Science and PSHE curriculum in particular, we aim to provide children with the appropriate knowledge, skills and awareness to make good lifestyle choices - for example in taking regular exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet.

Alongside weekly PE and Games lesson, all children take part in regular, structured activity sessions at break and lunchtimes in the form of the 'Active 10'. This is designed to encourage all children to participate in regular exercise outside of lessons and signpost different opportunities to cater for all interests and abilities

As a Surrey Healthy School, we aim to promote the benefits of healthy eating through effective leadership, the overall school ethos and curriculum and through all school staff bringing together elements of the school day to create an environment which supports sustainable healthy eating habits as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

We only permit healthy snacks at breaktime and discourage the consumption of foods high in sugar and fat because of the detrimental effects that they can have on the child's ability to learn effectively and achieve high standards at school. Examples of healthy breaktime snacks include:

Fruit, vegetable crudites or wholegrain crackers with cheese.

We also encourage children to stay hydrated throughout the day and allow children access to fresh drinking water at all times in their classrooms, the lunch hall or outside on the playground. This is especially important during hot weather.

Please see below for some helpful resources on healthy eating and healthy snacks for school