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How to book school meals

All school meals required must be booked using our ParentPay system. If your child does not have a school meal please provide them with a packed lunch.

How do I do this?

Go to and log in (you will receive an activation for ParentPay after your child has joined the school). If you have not received this please call the office who can email it to you.

  1. Select the child to make bookings for
  2. Select “Bookings” then “Make or view bookings
  3. Select the relevant lunch event depending which year your child is in  (either Lunch YR, 1 & 2 or Lunch Y3, 4, 5 and 6)
  4. Select the week for which you would like to book
  5. Select “Make or view bookings”
  6. Select the meals for the required days.  Please note dessert does not need to be chosen but will be provided automatically. 
  7. Make the required bookings. A summary of bookings will appear in red that need to be paid for. Please note that payment MUST be made within 2 hours of the booking being made or it will get cancelled (and a lunch will not be ordered).  You should receive an email confirming your order has not gone through.   Please provide a packed lunch for your child in these circumstances, or call school office for assistance.
  8. Finally, review the booking and select Confirm booking. Any credit on your Parent Account will be used to pay for the meals. Any remaining costs can be paid by Bank Transfer, Visa Checkout or other payment method.

For further instructions on "How to book" please see attachment  below

For children with Dietary Needs please see the section "Special Diets"