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Rights of the Child

Every child has the right to an education which develops their personality, talents and abilities to the full. The school is working hard to ensure that every child has and understands their rights through becoming a Rights Respecting School. This convention was developed and is run by UNICEF. It is an agreement between countries to obey the same law which ensures that all children have the same rights as each other.

It teaches the children about their rights in today’s world but also their responsibilities that go along side these rights. For example, If children have the right to be educated, then they have the responsibility to learn as much as their capabilities allow and, where possible, share their knowledge with others.

The articles in the UNCRC can be summed up as follows:

  • The Right to a childhood
  • The Right to an education
  • The Right to be healthy
  • The Right to be treated fairly
  • The Right to a voice

We hope you will see the importance of ensuring our children understand their Rights and Responsibilities. For more information please visit the